The Councillors


You are welcome to contact any councillor to discuss council business but formal communications should be addressed to the Clerk.


Philip Daubeney  Tel: 01425 402132  email: Register of Members Interest form

Durmast House, Bennetts Lane, Burley BH24 4AT

Vice Chairman:

Robert Clarke  email: Register of Members Interest form
John Cook


Register of Members Interest form
Kate Hedge email:  
Lucy Bramley email:  
Peter Egerton email: Register of Members Interest form

N.B.These Registers of Members Interests can also be viewed at 


Tom Brindley

  Tel. 07956 381764 e mail:

Planning Committee

Robert G C Clarke (Chairman)

& all other councillors

Staffing Committee

Cllr Robert Clarke 

Cllr Peter Egerton

Cllr John Cook

Finance Committee
Philip Daubeney (Chairman)
Robert Clarke
Peter Egerton
John Cook
Robert Clarke  New Forest Consultative Panel
John Cook Bournemouth Airport Consultative Committee representative for Burley & Crow  
John Cook Highways & Drainage
Robert Clarke Housing
Vacancy Living History Project Chairman


District Councillors
Cllr Martyn Levitt
Cllr Richard Frampton
County Councillor
Cllr K D R Mans Tel: 01590 641262
Member of Parliament
Sir Desmond Swayne MP Tel: 020 7219 4886

On the websites: & www.burleynewforest