Planning, Trees and Wetland Restoration


The Parish Council is a 'statutory consultee' on local planning applications.

It reviews and makes a recommendation on every parish application made to the Local Planning Authority i.e.

The New Forest National Park Authority (NFNPA).

The NFNPA decides whether applications are granted or refused taking into account the Parish Council's view - as well as those of any other interested party.

The Committee usually meets as part of the process of the Parish Council's full monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of the month at 6.30pm at Myrtle Hall, Copse Road BH24 4EG

But this is subject to change so please contact the Parish Clerk to check the date of the meeting and/or when a particular application is being discussed.

The Committee is chaired by Cllr. Robert Clarke and meetings are open to the public: a short period is set aside prior to the discussion of each application under consideration to enable members of the public to make presentments under Agenda Item 1 'Public Participation'.


Even if you do not wish to make a personal presentation to the Council if you are forwarding written comments to the NFNPA it is helpful to send them to the Parish Council as .well, preferably by email to: -

Parish Clerk (Tom Brindley) - and/or

Robert Clarke -

This will greatly assist the Council in reaching its recommendation to the NFNPA. Please contact the Clerk (Tel. no. 07503 203399) if you require further information.

Planning applications are available to view on the NFNPA website - Tel. no. 01590 646600 and in person at Lymington Town Hall, during public opening hours.

The Parish Council is a 'statutory consultee' on local planning applications.