Commemorative Clock

image of commemorative clockDuring the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012, Burley Village undertook a series of events over the Jubilee weekend to commemorate this memorable occasion.

The series of events resulted in a small cash surplus and the local community were asked to provide feedback on how the money should be spent. The majority view had a leaning towards providing something permanent for the village, which would mark the Queens Jubilee, be sympathetic to the environment and benefit the village as a whole. The Parish Council gave the community the opportunity to put forward ideas on what shape this would take and the idea of a clock on the form of a village sign was suggested and has received popular support.

The project has taken place under the leadership of Councillor Neal Martin and the local artist Suzan Houching has been involved in the design aspects of the clock. It has been important to ensure that the design is a true reflection of the village and captures the essence of Burley, the animals and the Forest Environment. The border of the clock is made up of eight images, which depict the crown and scenes from the village and forest. One scene includes two children who represent the younger generation and the future of the Forest.

Ray Stride, a local resident kindly donated an oak post to the project; Barry and John Topp from the New Forest Cider Company have engineered the post and installed it in the village centre. The clock itself has been built by Good Directions Limited; a company based in Botley Hampshire and will be installed in Burley Village Centre on Tuesday 4th February 2014.

Quotation from Cllr Neal Martin: This has been an exciting project which has generated discussion and participation from many areas of the community. The new clock will be a lasting reminder of the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations and will be enjoyed by locals and visitors to Burley for many generations to come.